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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't remember your AS number?

Not sure when your certificate expires?

Q: Which SSSC course do I need to complete?

A: If you have not previously completed a SSSC course, you will need to do the ‘Full’ SSSC.  If you have completed a SSSC and need to renew it then the ‘Refresher’ is for you.  To check if your SSSC is current click here (link to SSSC thingy on AS site)


Q: How long is my SSSC valid for?

A: Your SSSC qualification is valid for 5 years, click here to check your qualification (insert thingy)


Q: What sort of clothing should I wear in the pool?

A: You need to wear your wet weather gear, tether and lifejacket.  Also, we strongly advise you wear the clothes underneath that you would wear in a winter race at night on deck. This will allow you to fully experience what it will be like wearing those clothes in the water.


Q: Why do I need to wear my sea boots?

A: Once again, this is to fully experience what it is like to be in the water with them on. What they do in the water? Do they make your fleet float?  Will they keep your feet warm?


Q: Can I buy a rearm kit for my lifejacket from 27 South?

A: Yes, we have some rearm kits available for most lifejacket types.


Q: What type of flare will I be letting off?

A: You will be using either a red handheld flare or an orange handheld flare.  Rocket fares are not allowed to be used in a flare demonstration, however you will learn about deploying one.

We provide gloves and safety glasses for the flare demonstration.


Q: Why do I need to bring a hat, sunscreen and water bottle?

A: So we don’t need to nag you about having sun protection on because you will be out in the elements a bit on the practical day, and water bottle because all of us need to do our bit for the oceans and at 27 South we are quite passionate about this.  A place to refill your water bottle will be available.

Q: Will I need to inflate my life jacket during the course?

A: Yes, as a requirement of Australian Sailing all participants of the SSS Course need to demonstrate the use of their life jacket inflated in the pool, it will also give you the opportunity to experience how your equipment works

Q: I have an expired SSS Certificate, which course do I need to compete, a full or a refresher?

A: If you have completed a full course at some point in time you are only required to complete a Refresher. However, if it has been a while or you are not currently active within offshore sailing we do recommend that you do the full course again. There have been improvements in technology, changes to the Special Regulations and updates with the way things are simply done nowadays.

Q: What if I don't own a life jacket?

A: We have available limited number of life jackets to hire. Please let us know if you need to hire a jacket when you booking in for a course.

Q: Do I need to be vaccinated to attend a course?

A: Yes, some of our venues require you to be fully vaccinated to be on their premises

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