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SSSC E-Learning
E-Learning Course - $195 (plus booking fee)

This is an online course. After you have enrolled, we will send your login details. The SSSC e-learning course takes around 6 hours to complete. The content is structured so you can review the material as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. Your course access remains open for the full 12-months even once you have passed the end of course assessment

Your Sea Safety & Survival Certificate will not be issued until the completion of the practical wet drills  Your wet drills are separate from this course and can be booked through our SSSC Practical & Wet Drill only page

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Topics covered:

✔️ Personal Safety Equipment

✔️ Liferafts & Abandoning Ship
✔️ Care & Maintenance of Safety Gear
✔️ Preparation & Planning
✔️ Storm Sails
✔️ Damage Control
✔️ Heavy Weather
✔️ Crew Overboard Prevention & Recovery
✔️ Hypothermia, Cold Shock & First Aid
✔️ Search & Rescue Organisation
✔️ Marine Weather
 ✔️ Fire Precautions & Firefighting
✔️ Emergency Communications & Pyrotechnics
✔️ Pyrotechnics & Signalling Gear

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