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Long Range Radio Operators Certificate
E-Learning &
E-Learning & Exam - $338 (plus booking fee)

Included in your Booking fee is the E-Learning and the Exam paper supplied by Office of Maritime Communications, and the supervised exam period conducted by a Accredited member of 27 South Ocean Training.

Completing a radio exam

To attain your radio licence (certificate of proficiency), you must complete an exam. 

  1. Theory assessment - 50 multiple choice questions. This is a closed book assessment and the required pass mark is 70% (35 questions correct). 

  2. Practical assessment - a short observation where you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to use a radio, and how to make routine and distress calls. 

Online Radio Course allows you to learn everything you need to know about using Marine HF, 27 MHz, MF and VHF Radios at your own pace. 

At the end of this online radio licence course, you will know how to call for help in an emergency, communicate with other vessels at sea and understand how to use various safety equipment you may have onboard. 

This is an online course. After you have enrolled, we will send your login details. This radio course is structured to review the material as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. The marine HF radio course takes around 6 hours to complete.

Once you have completed the online course and feel you are ready to sit the exam, contact us to arrange a time and place. We will provide the exam papers.

What you will learn...

✔️Marine HF, MF, 27 MHz  and VHF radio uses and communications

✔️HF and VHF equipment and how to communicate at sea

✔️VHF repeater channels and shore stations

✔️Distress, urgency & safety calling

✔️Using a DSC enabled radio and AIS

✔️Emergency beacons and transponders

✔️Power supplies for radio equipment

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