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SSSC Refresher Course
E-Learning & Wet
Refresher Course - $550 (plus booking fee)


This course is designed as a refresher for anyone who has previously completed a SSSC Full course and is requiring a revalidation of their certificate

This e-learning course, in conjunction with the practical wet drills, constitutes a 1-day refresher course under the World Sailing and Australian Sailing SSSC requirements for the offshore special regulations.

Topics covered:

✔️ Personal Safety Equipment

✔️ Liferafts & Abandoning Ship
✔️ Care & Maintenance of Safety Gear
✔️ Preparation & Planning
✔️ Storm Sails
✔️ Damage Control
✔️ Heavy Weather
✔️ Crew Overboard Prevention & Recovery
✔️ Hypothermia, Cold Shock & First Aid
✔️ Search & Rescue Organisation
✔️ Marine Weather
 ✔️ Fire Precautions & Firefighting
✔️ Emergency Communications & Pyrotechnics
✔️ Pyrotechnics & Signalling Gear

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